The Salish Sea World Heritage Site Proposal


Ta'Kaiya will attend, speak and conduct interviews during a press release on Monday, April 24, 2017 for The Salish Sea World Heritage Site Proposal. 

The Salish Sea and region has been home to the Coast Salish peoples since time immemorial, and provides critical marine habitat and biodiversity within a unique ocean environment.

An application has been submitted to have the Salish Sea considered for the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tentative List, which the Prime Minister will announce in December. With UNDRIP's 10th anniversary in mind, we are seeking letters of consent from First Nations of the Salish Sea, until April 30th.

If successful, the application will open full consultation, leading to a designation ten years from now - if all parties agree. This initial application enables dialogue and cooperation, reconciliation and healing, and has the potential to bring major benefits and a sustainable development approach to the region. For example, the positive bottom-line cultural and natural protections, and international monitoring and motivation, offers a balance and check to such proposals as tankers and pipelines.

Please send letters of consent to:

Salish Sea Trust
Box 333, Cedar, B.C., V9X 1W1
P: 250.722.3444

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