Film & TV



Shi Shi EtkoLead role in short drama about a little First Nations girl four days before she goes to residential school. Directed by Kate Kroll.



Savage Lead role in short residential school music video drama with both sadness and laughter. Directed by Lisa Jackson.


Nootka Rose - Short film about a little First Nations girl being forcibly taken to residential school. She then grows to adulthood with tragedy stemming from residential school abuses. Directed by Courtney Crane and Vancouver Film School.

The Closer You Get To Canada - A disturbing narrative about two old friends plotting an escape to Canada from a 'seniors game preserve' in the United States of the near future. Based on the short story by acclaimed Canadian author Thomas King. Directed by John Bolton. Gordon Tootoosis, lead. 


Spelling Bee - A little girl dreams she is in a Spelling Bee with First Nations languages. First Voices, APTN.


Ta'Kaiya has made the following TV appearances:

  • Tigga Talks, APTN
  • Webisodes: Down2Earth Kids, Aarow Productions
  • Green Heroes, TVO (Ontario)